I need ooh la la la la

Someday I will do something useful with this space.

Until then, I leave you with these wacky children's books that never were, but should have been:

Kinda makes me nostalgic for my early reading days. My favorite author when I was a kid was Shel Silverstein, hands down. He is still my favorite poet. (Okay, it's a tie between him and Pablo Neruda. And Federico Garcia Lorca...) Too bad my copies of Where the Sidewalk Ends and Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book are in storage. I miss my books.


FishTaxi said...

Have you heard of Melinda mae?

who ate the montrous whale?

hey, sunshine unit!

those are funny dr. suess books.

the story of my life! lol

you, me and everyone

the tent lady said...

what? what's that you say? you say today is saturday?